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Watch the 1st Video:

1- What to expect and proof this works (2:52)

2- The Basics (0:59)

3- What is an seo audit and how Google works (2:49)

4- The 4 parts to every seo audit (3:29)

5- What tools can you use for an seo audit (3:29)

6- Crawling your website an overview (5:25)

7- Technical SEO problems (0:48)

8- Check that only one version of the site is browseable (3:43)

9- xml sitemap check (4:27)

10- Check the websites page speed (6:33)

11- Check if the site is mobile friendly (3:38)

12- Onpage SEO problems (0:52)

13- URLs 404 pages and optimised URLs (12:22)

14- Page titles (12:32)

15- Meta descriptions (11:01)

16- Heading tags (h1 & h2's) (12:23)

17- How to find duplicate content (3:40)

18- How to find thin content (4:57)

19- How to find broken links on your website (4:15)

20- How to analzye a sites internal link structure (5:03)

21- Offpage SEO problems (0:44)

22- Analyze a website backlink profile (3:45)

23- General problems (0:42)

24- Analyze organic search traffic (3:45)

25- Conclusion (1:46)

Backlinks are not dead, I simply change the way they are created to better rank your site and avoid penalties from Google. But Google is not everything, there are ways to attract tons of traffic to your site with other search engines.



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