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"Skyrocket Your Sales" was designed for marketers who promote Internet marketing-related products. Every tactic revealed is geared towards pushing your customers closer to a sale.

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Watch the 1st Video:

1- Advanced SEO Is More Than Just Keywords & links! (3:36)

2- Keyword Research & Content Production (1:05)

3- Topical Relevancy (8:52)

4- How To Leverage Category Pages For eCommerce Sites (9:57)

5-How To Skyrocket Your Websites Conversion Rate (7:43)

6- Voice Search What Is It & How To Find Voice Related Keywords (11:17)

7- How To Optimize Your Content For Voice Search (10:14)

8- On Page SEO Strategies (1:05)

9- Latent Semantic Indexing lSI Keywords (6:13)

10- Advanced Onpage SEO Analysis (real-time walkthrough) (17:47)

11- Advanced Internal Linking (Real Time Walkthrough) (9:52)

12- Click Depth Everything You Need To Know (6:02)

13- Link Building Strategies (0:52)

14- The Power Of Niche Edits (15:58)

15- Tiered Link Building (6:23)

16- Reverse Relevance Link Building (3:50)

17- Advanced Pillow Link Building Future Proofing Your Website (6:53)

18- Link Velocity How Many Links Should You Build A Month (6:28)

19- The Future Of SEO (0:46)

20- Googles Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (7:42)

21- The Future Of SEO My Predictions (7:02)

22- Conclusion (1:29)

Backlinks are not dead, I simply change the way they are created to better rank your site and avoid penalties from Google. But Google is not everything, there are ways to attract tons of traffic to your site with other search engines.